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Our service

Websites personalization

Personalize your website's content and design according to each visitor's taste, habits, needs,
and offer them unique user experiences.
You will never have to create generic and un-targeted content again.

Our services

We offer different products that will allow you to make your website better.
Understanding and adapting your contents to your users is key for your business performance.

The Perfect Personalization

An algorithm that
understands the user

Sociology and psychology experts have worked hand in hand with our IT team to create an algorithm that will allow us to find the content your user will really like in real-time!

For some users, color is important whilst other react to contextualization.

Personalize according to

Do you want to highlight products that correspond to the users taste?
Do you want to change the design when it is bad weather?
We offer a lot of personalization criteria.

See it in action

  • E-commerce

  • News

  • Traveling

  • Real-estate

  • Corporate

  • Small

Easy to
Install & use

WYSIWYG Personalization

Create personalization rules within seconds with our WYSIWYG tool. Simply click the element you want to personalize tell us how you want to personalize it!
It is auto-magical!

4Min Installation

On Wordpress

Are you running on wordpress? If so, simply install our plugin and log into your adapti account.

Learn more

On any HTML website

We give you a small javascript snippet to insert at the end of your website and the magic is done. You will be able to start personalizing your website.
It works for all HTML websites!

Why Chose Adapti


Our algorithm allows us to create a REAL UNIQUE experience for every user. No need to spend hours setting up targets and rules anymore, we do it automatically.


Our customers value security and so do we. Everything is highly encrypted and protected.


We are no ordinary old-school marketing tool. We only collect relevant data on end-users and we allow them to block us if they find us intrusive.


Our collaborative data-collection allows us to create high end personalization at low expenses!