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Website personalization

Personalize your website in real-time for each visitor

How about a website that automatically changes to match
each of your visitors' profile?

Visitor segmentation
made simple

Adapti's personalization technology enables your website to adapt to all of your visitors,
no matter what industry you're in.

  • E-commerce website

  • News website

  • Travel agency

  • Real estate

  • Corporate website

  • Small blog

Interact with concrete criterias

You no longer need to spend hours creating complicated scenarios. With Adapti, you can easily create unique experiences
by targeting your audience with concrete and precise user criterias.

Tastes & interests

Buying behavior, clothing, food, travels, sports, music, transporation, brands, etc.


Housing, family environment, pets, budget, professional context, etc.


Gender, age, shoe size, clothing size, etc.


Geolocation(country, state, city...), real-time weather, date and time, device, etc.


Browsing habits, actions onsite, frequency of visits, page leave detection, etc.

Personalize in a few clicks
with our intuitive interface

Always be one step ahead

Retain your visitors at the right time
and decrease cart abandonment

It's cold today! Thinking to wear warm clothes!

Adapt to your visitors context
and be more efficient