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Website personalization

Website Personalization

Create as many versions as you have visitors in a few seconds

Your website gathers thousands or millions of users each month and they all see the same content?
With Adapti, create unique user experiences by personalizing the content and the design for each user, in a few clicks.

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Deal with concrete information only

No more complex scenarios, with Adapti, you can easily create personalized experiences
by targeting your audience with concrete user criteria.

User profiles

  • Tastes and interests (clothing, food, travel, sports, music, and many more)
  • Lifestyle (habitation, relationship status, budget, pets...)
  • Demographics (gender, age, clothing sizes, etc.)
  • Habits (browsing, purchasing...)


  • Geolocation (country, state, city, as precisely as you wish!)
  • Weather
  • Date and time
  • Device


  • Actions (clicks, page leave, form filled, product added to basket...)
  • Visits (recurrence, time spent, pages visited, etc.)

Create your personalizations in seconds

The Adapti dashboard lets you create personalization rules in a few clicks and doesn't require any line of code.

Just select the elements you want to get personalized, define your personalization criteria, preview your rule and save it!