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Our service

Automatically personalize
your website for each visitor

Enhance your user experience by displaying
the right content to the right person, at the right time

Why displaying a single and generic content to all of your users?
Adapti allows any user to browse tailor-made and smart websites.
With Adapti, your website will automatically adapt to each unique visitor.

Our services

Adapti has developed multiple artificial intelligence algorithms using Maching Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to find out which content will be most adapted to each user.

This smart selecting is the result of a collaboration between sociologists and psychologists that helped us determine the most relevant products for each user profile. Indeed, some users prefer browsing websites with particular colors and layouts, while others are more receptive to contextualization.


Personalize your website in real-time for each user. Find out who they are and what they expect from your website, adapt your content and offer them unique experiences. With Adapti, you can personalize contents and layouts according to your users' tastes, behaviors, needs, and much more.

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Suggest interesting products to each of your visitors. Thanks to our content recommendation tool, highlight products that will match each user's tastes.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, we are able to determine the content each user may very likely be interested in. Recommending products will allow you to maximize your conversion rate and increase your baskets amount.

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Adapti Management Services

Let us help you step by step! In order to allow you to make the most of our solution, we have created the Adapti Management Services, a tailor-made and dedicated service for customers who wish to benefit from our technical and sales teams' skills and reach their goals more easily.

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Adapti in action

Our website personalization and recommendation technology
is designed to run on any kind of website.

  • Site

  • News

  • Travel

  • Real

  • Corporate

  • Small

Easy to install and to use

Quick setup

Our tool can be installed within a few minutes on any kind of website, with a simple copy/paste. Besides, our teams can assist you as much as necessary taking your first steps with Adapti.

Easy to use

Adapti offers a simple and intuitive interface from which you can set up your personalization and recommendation rules within a few clicks. No need to understand HTML thanks to our WYSIWYG interfaces!

Measure your KPIs improvement thanks to our detailed statistics

Analyse at a glance how your KPIs evolve thanks to adapti

How many users have clicked on the weekly offer recommendation? How many of them have actually purchased a recommended product? Head to our statistics tab to view the answers to these questions at a glance. Our interface allows you to analyze the efficiency of your personalization and recommendation rules and their impact on your KPIs. Moreover, Adapti lets you create and measure your own KPIs.

Find out who your visitors are

Your customer interface gives you access to audience statistics and lets you view who your visitors are and how they behave on your website (time spent, peak hours, heatmap, etc.). The audience tag allows you to determine your visitors' tastes, interests, demographic and lifestyle info, etc.

Why Adapti?


Thanks to our proprietary artificial intelligences, Adapti automatically selects and displays relevant products. You won't have to spend hours defining your targeting strategy anymore!

Friendly interface

Our IT team worked hard to develop a user-friendly interface, accessible by every team member: developers, webmasters and, first and foremost, marketers.


Thanks to the Adapti Management Services, our IT and sales teams can help you make the most of our features based on your specific business and challenges. You can do everything by yourself, but we are here to help!