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Boost your sales with segmentation and recommendation

Thousands of unique visitors but only one website?
Personalize your website and display the right content to the right person, at the right time.


Personalize your website in real-time according to each visitor.
All your visitors have different expectations. Improve your performance by adapting to each user's tastes, habits and needs.

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Suggest relevant products to your visitors and boost your sales!
Thanks to our recommendation tool, highlight products that will appeal to your audience.
Our algorithms are able to determine the best content for each user. Recommending products helps you increase your conversion rate and thus your revenue.

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Why choose Adapti?

A 2-minute install on any website

Adapti can be installed on any website, no matter which CMS you use.
A simple copy/paste onto your website and Adapti is ready to go. The setup is done automatically thanks to our crawlers that do the work for you!

A WYSIWYG editor for an intuitive use

Our intuitive interface allows you to personalize your website and to deploy recommendation blocks within a few clicks, without typing a single line of code.

A boost for your KPIs

Adapti enhance your user experience and allows you to convert new prospects. Personalization and recommendation significantly increase your conversion rate and thus your revenue.