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Product recommendation

Recommend relevant products and increase your revenue

Use our top-notch algorithms to suggest the right product to the right person at the right time.

Boost the performance of your e-shop

The big tech companies all use recommendation to increase the average basket and their conversion rate.
With Adapti, deploy powerful recommendation engines within a few clicks and let our algorithms suggest products to your visitors.

An algorithm for each situation

Adapti provides different recommendation algorithms
based on machine learning technologies.


Increase your conversion rate by showing similar products


Increase the average basket by recommending complementary products


Arouse interest by showing the best sellers of the moment


Make your visitors convert by showing them the products they have already seen


Convert new prospects by showing them what they look for

Deploy your recommendations
within a few clicks

Adapti's intuitive interface allows you to deploy recommendation blocks
within a minute, without typing a single line of code.

Measure the performance of your recommendations

Adapti automatically measures the performance of your eshop and calculates the revenue of your recommendations.
On average, our recommendations increase the conversion rate by 15% and the average basket by 20%.