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Personalized Web

that understand
the users needs & wants

Display the right content, to the right user, at the right time and enhance your visitors user-experience.

The user likes

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Every user
is different

Today, when you set up a website, you spend a lot of time trying to find the content, the wording, the image, that would work best on the average target audience.

But users have different tastes, objectives, specificities and cultures. This is why it is important to offer your users different experiences.

With our personalization service, you will be able to recommend the content that the user is looking for, display the background image that the user likes or even use the colors that the user reacts to.

Website Personalization

of personalization

By setting up personalization on your website, your users will feel at home
Their user experience will be enhanced and so will your KPIs.

Female user
Likes shopping
Likes colored clothing

Female user
Rainy weather
Impulsive buyer

Enhance your UX

Displaying the right content
at the right time

By recommending the right content, by anticipating the users needs or by showing we know where he is, we are simplifying his journey. The user will feel good.

More conversion

Recommend contents the
user did not know he or she wanted

Haven't we all forgotten to buy eggs when we wanted to bake a cake? With our recommendations, we will highlight contents the user will like.

Better image

Shine as the website
who listens to its users

Not only does our service respect the user and his data, but we also give you the opportunity to be the website that loves its users

More loyalty

Concentrate on the real
needs & wants

We are bringing websites the ability to know their users. Because users will always come back to the bakery where the seller knows their name.


We are pushing responsiveness to a new level!
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