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Do you have general questions about adapti? We are glad to answer them.

  • Does adapti work for all websites?
    Nearly all websites are supported by our technology.
    As long as your website has been developed in HTML5 and your web server allows outside protocoles, our service will work. We even offer our service for websites loading pages with ajax.
    However if your website uses outdated technologies Flash or Silverlight we will not be able to offer our service.
  • Can I test your service?
    Please feel free to subscribe. All subscription offers you a 30 day trial that allows you to install, setup and test our product before buying it.
    We do not ask you for any payment method before the trial ends.
  • How can I contact Adapti
  • What are the legal conditions?
    When you use our product, you need to respect the data-privacy laws existing in your country.
    Generally this means that you need to mention that you use our service in your cookie policy and your cookie message.
    On our side we are European GDPR 2018 ready. We do not collect any data we do not need. We do not collect nominative nor sensitive data (names, emails, addresses...). We invest in high security. We have a transparency policy thwarts end-users.

Installing Adapti.me

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