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Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Adapti.me chooses to protect users by making profiles anonymous. This enables websites to consider individuals’ interests and tastes to offer the best User Experience, without accessing private information. The Adapti initiative works as an intermediate between users and websites that collects only-relevant data and prevents the collection of nominative data, which is known as private data. By giving users full control of the data collected, we established a way for users to defend and insure their online rights from privacy violation. We created this Ethical Chart to which client websites agree on when contracting with Adapti.me. As a direct consequence, websites joining the Adapti initiative also position themselves as socio-responsible actors of the digital world. By choosing Adapti.me, websites improve the services they provide while defending basic individual rights that we believe, should be implemented on the internet.

Data Collection

  • The collected data strictly serve the personalization of the content and layout of the client websites to offer personalized content specific to every visitor.
  • The collected data is categorically issued for purposes of relevancy and consistency, and are characterised by only UX-relevant information such as user tastes, interests, lifestyle, handicaps etc. for websites to adapt to the users’ profile.
  • No nominative data required for creating a free user account to Adapti (email address when signing up) will ever be communicated. These are also encrypted in our database to enhance the user’s privacy protection.
  • We do not collect any sensitive data, i.e. no data related to the user’s racial origins, political, philosophical or religious opinion, trade union membership, health status or sexual orientation.
  • Data are collected thanks to a Cookie that is automatically generated to each visitor of our client websites. These Cookies are only used to serve the proper running of our personalization services and are in no way used for infringing the users’ privacy. The cookies generated act in complete accordance with our data collection restriction commitments.


  • Every user can find the data collected about them on the user tool. This is displayed as a dashboard giving the user 100 per cent control of their profile. This dashboard is available for free and accessible by signing up to the User Service on our website.
  • Every activity of the user is reported and controllable on the activity log of their dashboard.
  • Every activity of a user profile from which data is collected is notified, viewable and manageable by the user via their dashboard.

Individual data protection

  • To protect the required nominative data (E-Mail Address), the user’s characteristics are attributed to an encrypted profile that keeps details anonymous.
  • The collected data will never be traded to any external organisation.
  • All data collected are displayed to our website client as global statistics information
  • The protection of individual data is guaranteed by our API acting as an intermediate between the Adapti solution and the personalization requirements of our client websites.
  • None of our websites client can reach individual information. The data they get are its visitors’ anonymous profiles reported under the shape of general statistics.

Handling your data

As the RGPD commands, you can extract or delete all the data we have on you. To do so, simply fill the Captcha and click on the button you want.
In case that some of the collected data is false, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@adapti.me