Challenge Of User Profiling: Respect And Be Accurate!

At, we wanted to create a service that would help companies to boost their business.
One of our main concern is┬áto offer a solution that would benefit users and refine their web experience. Continue reading “Challenge Of User Profiling: Respect And Be Accurate!”

The News Media of Tomorrow

Journalism is rooted on core values of the modern society: individual freedom of speech and right to information. Hence News Media all-time challenge to bring information from source to the hands of citizens. Continue reading “The News Media of Tomorrow”

6 Big Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

In 2017, customers’ demands are constantly evolving and businesses always need to improve their digital marketing strategies. To answer these needs, brand new marketing technologies are emerging every day; overwhelming marketers with too much choices… Continue reading “6 Big Digital Marketing Trends in 2017”