Challenge Of User Profiling: Respect And Be Accurate!

At, we wanted to create a service that would help companies to boost their business.
One of our main concern is to offer a solution that would benefit users and refine their web experience. Continue reading “Challenge Of User Profiling: Respect And Be Accurate!”

Entrepreneurship: Why We Chose Luxembourg

Few are the people coming from business schools that have not dreamt of creating their own start-up. Creating your business means freedom, social success and working for passion. But it also often means long work days, stress, risks and (sometimes) disappointments. Continue reading “Entrepreneurship: Why We Chose Luxembourg”

Security @

Our personal data will outlive us. With this fact in mind, we have every right to question and inquire “what happens to my data ?” Well, at we are upfront about it: thinks it is very important to respect the users. Continue reading “Security @”

The Adapti Project

On the 30th of June, our Start-up will celebrate the one year anniversary of its registration among Luxembourgish companies. We have come a long way since Continue reading “The Adapti Project”

The Principle of Micro-Services

At, we are tasked to personalize web contents and this must be done seamlessly. User experience is one of the main focus of our development and we need to make sure that there is no delay serving our client’s content to its users in timely and secure manner. Continue reading “The Principle of Micro-Services”

What drives us

7 billion but all unique.

We are all internet users and yet, companies still communicate on their websites in a generic and single restrictive way. We believe efficiency of companies’ websites depends on the greatness of the online experience they provide.

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