Entrepreneurship: Why We Chose Luxembourg

Few are the people coming from business schools that have not dreamt of creating their own start-up. Creating your business means freedom, social success and working for passion. But it also often means long work days, stress, risks and (sometimes) disappointments. Continue reading “Entrepreneurship: Why We Chose Luxembourg”

The News Media of Tomorrow

Journalism is rooted on core values of the modern society: individual freedom of speech and right to information. Hence News Media all-time challenge to bring information from source to the hands of citizens. Continue reading “The News Media of Tomorrow”

The Adapti Project

On the 30th of June, our Start-up Adapti.me will celebrate the one year anniversary of its registration among Luxembourgish companies. We have come a long way since Continue reading “The Adapti Project”

All You Need To Know About UX Temporality

User experience (UX) is nowadays completely integrated in the product development process. We all know it is a long thinking process, that must be interactive, incremental, and collaborative: designers create for the users and with the users.

Continue reading “All You Need To Know About UX Temporality”