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Making user experiences unique

Adapti wants to help websites getting closer to their users by being in tune with each of them
and by offering them unique user experiences.

Get closer to 1:1 personalization

Each person is different and browses the Internet for different purposes. However, websites keep offering the same generic content to all their visitors and users.

Adapti allows websites to offer unique user experiences by personalizing their content in real-time and according to each visitor's tastes, needs, habits, etc.

Take the step to the Internet of tomorrow and discover web personalization!

Our missions and values

Every user is unique

We should stop trying to put people into stereotyped boxes in order to try answering to their needs. Every human being has characteristics making him unique.

Marketing must change

Marketing should be used to create a better relation between a client/a user and a company.
The best way to do this is to invest in making products and services answer the people's real needs and stop trying to impose new ones.

User-friendly big data

Collecting user data is a good thing. This allows companies to create a real relation between the company and the user.
But companies should not abuse the collected data, they should be transparent and give users the control of it.

Antoine Granjon CEO
Mathieu Volondat Sales Director
Bastian Jakobsen COO & CTO
Daniel Antunes Head of Technology
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