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Adapti automatically personalizes your website for each visitor and suggests relevant products to boost your sales.

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Our customers love us!

We have used Adapti in order to insert recommendation engines and personalizaton rules on Leclercvoyages.com. After 6 months of success testing, with a potential growth of 15% of conversion rate, we have decided to deploy on a larger scale the personalization on our website.

Jean-François Griffoul and Cédric Paillard

Lead of e-commerce - Leclerc Voyages

We have chosen Adapti for its ease of use and its unique user interface, which me allow to create my personalization campaigns with few clicks! In addition to, I could install recommendation powerful engines in tiny times, while relying on the Adapti's teams to integrate my business rules, without my own IT department!

Marielle Schwan

Lead of e-commerce – Besson Chaussures